SEF Summer Academy

Identity, web design and collateral for non-profit educational foundation’s summer school program.

Summer Academy Logotype
Logotype and branding for summer school program run by non-profit foundation.
Summer Academy Variations
Logotype variations.
Summer Academy Illustration
Illustration to be used as part of the branding for SEF Summer Academy
Summer Academy K8 Catalogs
Course catalog for the 2013 Summer Academy session for grades K–8. The foundation tries to accommodate as many families as possible, so I was provided translations and created the catalogs in three languages, English, Spanish & Chinese.
22' banner to promote the Summer Academy program.
22′ banner to promote the Summer Academy program.

2013 SA High School Banner
2013 K8 Site Banner

Welcome to Studio Grapheme, I’m Kimberly.
I make logos, business identities, web sites, pretty much whatever a person might need to have printed or put online. I use, and am proficient in, Creative Suite tools: Ai, Id, and of course, Ps with a little Dw thrown in. I can set up a single-page html web site, or a more feature-rich Wordpress site—whatever is necessary to get your job done.
A Grapheme is a letter or digraph unit of writing in a system of communication. Any ol' mark will do as long as it has meaning. I make things on my computer, using sticks and string, with paint, built out of wood and metal. Every project starts with a pencil—a kuru toga mechanical, just to be fancy. Grapheme pretty much covers it. How can I help you make your mark?