Useless Beauty #10


Since quarantine (corn teen‽) in March, I’ve been working on a project that started out as a way to use up odd-sized paper that had a little water damage. I realized the paper was perfect for 12 of the smallest USPS acceptable post cards. At the time, I thought postcards might be a fun way to connect with people since getting together was a no-go for a while. Eventually, it became a very minor way to support what was turning out to be a beleaguered Postal Service. Yikes. Mail is nice when it’s from an actual person. I hope it comes back as a “thing.”

Each of these paintings are sort of experimental, in that I try to get them to work as a single painting, but also as 12 small paintings, with varying degrees of success. They’re abstracts, of course, because realism is not fun for me, and I have a camera so I don’t put myself through the angst. If civilization collapses (I jest….) I may rethink this. Meanwhile, the series of 4 paintings (going on 5 as of this writing) has been an excuse to experiment with layering and technique, while wallowing in nostalgia. I’ve sent postcards to people I haven’t seen or heard from in 30+ years. Fun, actually. Probably they’re surprised. I gave up on the Christmas card grind about 15 years ago. Mostly because I overcomplicate things (surprise!), but it was too stressful along with all the other holiday stuff when our kids were little. I might be doing this as a replacement going forward, who knows. They’re mostly self-sufficient now.