Angles #1

Angles and Angles Everywhere

Angles #3
Angles #3 “yellow square”

When I was very small I had these weird recurring nightmares that would wake me up in the night. They were really difficult to explain to my parents, who understandably would try to figure out the problem—it didn’t happen often, they probably don’t remember. My four year-old brain didn’t know how to explain to the grown ups that somehow my dream was a world made of triangular polygons, and they were… angry? Incomprehensible? Moving and roiling around!

angles closeup
detail of a different painting in the series

I haven’t had the dream in a very long time, but I still remember the landscapes. From my adult vantage point, they seem less angry and more sort of surreally illustrative of emotional intrigues. Like my brain had chosen to parse a days’ events in smoothly comprehensible shapes that managed to be sort of scary anyway. All this is to say I thought to take a stab at painting the feeling/landscape with this series of Angles paintings. They’re close, but not quite there. Will have to explore this further. It feels nice to try to tame them.