Hello, I’m Kimberly, I make art. I have been a distance cyclist, a bicycle mechanic, a civilian illustrator for the Navy and Air Force (US), a software illustrator and trainer, a graphic designer, run a computer lab, lived on freelancing and built myself a studio from the ground up. (actually, from below the ground up.) I am a wife, a former weaver, a compulsive hand knitter, an average calligrapher and seamstress, a loyal though imperfect friend, and a relentlessly practical do-it-herself-er. I thrive on new information—the internet has been the best thing that ever happened to me, and my biggest obstacle to getting things done: I am an obsessive researcher when it comes to problem-solving. I’m always making something.

I experiment with many different media, from watercolor to weaving. Lately I am delving deeply into the vast possibilities afforded by acrylic paint and mediums. 

Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot,
others transform a yellow spot into the sun.