I place my art in the public domain. Mostly. I retain copyright, the free kind, but I have no plan to pursue it, and figuring out the Creative Commons permutations takes more mental bandwidth than I am willing to expend. I have learned by imitating other artists in big and small ways over time, as most artists do. I would be flattered to be part of someone else’s learning process. My thinking on this is well articulated here. I would appreciate attribution if my artwork is recognizably incorporated into yours, or if you use one of my images on the web somewhere.

The images of my artwork on this site are only large enough to look good on a screen—please feel free to use them for wallpaper on your various devices—or print on a postcard at not great quality. (High resolution scans are available for a fee, please contact me.)

Dreamscape #3
Dreamscape #3 “printemps white”