There and Back Again

This is a series of paintings on paper I started in my studio late last spring. They traveled a ways with me, and this is their story. Details on the finished paintings are here. Last summer, the Pandemic summer, at the end of June, I drove myself and my eldest … Read More

Angles and Angles Everywhere

When I was very small I had these weird recurring nightmares that would wake me up in the night. They were really difficult to explain to my parents, who understandably would try to figure out the problem—it didn’t happen often, they probably don’t remember. My four year-old brain didn’t know … Read More


Since quarantine (corn teen‽) in March, I’ve been working on a project that started out as a way to use up odd-sized paper that had a little water damage. I realized the paper was perfect for 12 of the smallest USPS acceptable post cards. At the time, I thought postcards … Read More

Old days

I’m visiting my parents at the moment, having faithfully quarantined for months, and traveling by car. At breakfast today, my mom gave me the little signature book from my undergrad final art show, from back in Reagan’s second term. The book had unearthed itself in their process of moving house … Read More


I’ve been working on a mini (3.5 inch square) series that has turned out to be an excellent vehicle for trying out different sized hand-cut stencils. Working on these small paintings is, I imagine, a bit like working on a short story. There’s not a lot of space to communicate … Read More

Serpentine lines

I was watching some show on Hulu—honestly I can’t remember which one. The narrative was not particularly compelling, but I was enchanted by the line work on wallpaper in an office set, of all things. It was intersecting serpentine lines in gold on a dark field, maybe brown? Anyway, the … Read More