Used client’s existing logotype in annual gala collateral identity. You can see how the pieces for the event evolved over time as the client (and I) realized their needs. A small non-profit, the foundation needs to keep costs down. They have access to the in-house print shop at the school district, which is quite cost effective but somewhat limited in ability.

2014 Event title

2014 invites
Invitation package for the 2014 annual gala, packet included an A7 envelope & A2 return envelope, a 5×7″ invitation card printed 4/4 and 1/4 page ticket forms printed 1/1. To economize, ticket cards were printed 4-up in-house. Client felt confident enough in the established identity to strike out with a new color scheme in my 3rd year (4th annual event).
2014 SEF-A-Palooza collateral
13×19″ poster for community distribution, revised and simplified letterhead to use going forward, and 2c NCR form for donations and sponsorships.
2014 SEF-A-Palooza Booklet
5.5×8.5″ event guide booklet with color covers and inserts. The foundation intends the booklet to be a resource guide for community members. A pdf version of the entire booklet is available to view here.
2014 Live Auction Posters
16×22″ posters used to promote higher-end items during the event. Usually just a handful of items are promoted this way, so I hand assemble single-use posters from 8.5×11 office printouts.
SEF-A-Palooza Banners
Multi-year promotional banners for the annual event. 25′ 2-sided banner for over the street and multiple 3×6′ banners for school sites.

2013 Event title

2013 SEF-A-Palooza Invitation PacketInvitations for annual gala event. This was my second year, they wanted to keep with the same color scheme for one last year. Includes A7 & A2 envelopes, 5×7″ invitation printed 4/4, 1/4 page ticket form printed 1/1 4-up.

2013 SEF-A-Palooza poster & form
Promotional 13×19″ poster for 2013 event, 4/4 with full bleed. Letterhead for donation requests and branded NCR form for donations and sponsorships.
2013 Event Booklet & Auction Forms
5.5×8.5 Event booklet has 4/4 color covers and a couple of inserted pages, with the bulk of the booklet being 1/1 to save costs. Bid sheets and descriptions were placed with over 100 individual items. A pdf version of this booklet is available to view here.

2012 Event title

SEF-A-Palooza 2012 Invitations
Invitation packet for 2nd year of the annual event. Client wanted to stick to color scheme from initial event to cement the brand into the local psyche. Project included 5×7″ 4/1 invitation card enclosed with a 1/4 page 1/1 ticket form and a return envelope.
2012 SEF-A-Palooza collateral
13×19″ promotion poster for distribution to businesses around town, letterhead and NCR form for donors and sponsors.
2012 SEF-A-Palooza Booklet and Bid Sheets
5.5×8.5″ Event booklet, 2-side color cover with grayscale interior. Branded bid sheets, description sheets and certificates accompanied each item on offer.
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