SuperKeikis Tennis

Logotype, banners and collateral for Tennis Coach

Local tennis coach hails from Hawaii, wanted a light and fun identity. He really doesn’t have much use for anything other than business cards and a simple web site for contacts, naturally). —Keiki is Hawaiian for child, he tells me.

SuperKeikis Business Card
Client brought previous artwork with adult tennis player silhouette, I added some children to the mix.


SuperKeikis Tennis Logotype
Client was looking for a logotype that was playful and oriented to just this sport. He was very interested in using a lot of color, though not necessarily an “island” theme. This logotype works with and without color.

SuperKeikis Tennis Banner

Placement at public tennis court locations around town promoted Client’s Parks & Rec classes. No dates so banners can be reused throughout a year.


Welcome to Studio Grapheme, I’m Kimberly.
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