Corporate support, in-house graphic design department.
Wolfram(.com) makes software for doing research-level calculations; they have since added Wolfram Alpha, (where Siri gets her answers), among other things. Staff mathematicians generated the wonderful graphics from algorithms, I bedeviled them with color and direction alteration requests.

Formulat Tee Shirt
One of a series of full printed t-shirts. This one made it into Print magazine.

Mathmobile A

Mathmobile B
Graphics to completely cover promotional vehicle that drove around the US and a second one that traveled Europe with workstations for demonstrating Mathematica software.
Wolfram Wiz
Logotype for a mathematics software title aimed at high school students.

Lots more to come with the Wolfram stuff…

Welcome to Studio Grapheme, I’m Kimberly.
I make logos, business identities, web sites, pretty much whatever a person might need to have printed or put online. I use, and am proficient in, Creative Suite tools: Ai, Id, and of course, Ps with a little Dw thrown in. I can set up a single-page html web site, or a more feature-rich Wordpress site—whatever is necessary to get your job done.
A Grapheme is a letter or digraph unit of writing in a system of communication. Any ol' mark will do as long as it has meaning. I make things on my computer, using sticks and string, with paint, built out of wood and metal. Every project starts with a pencil—a kuru toga mechanical, just to be fancy. Grapheme pretty much covers it. How can I help you make your mark?