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Welcome, I’m Kimberly. I make art that is an extension of my desire to create beautiful viewscapes that reflect the world around, or in my head. Sometimes it looks like a thing; mostly it doesn’t. Original art is for everyone, don’t settle for a mass market print, there are thousands of artists out there creating just the thing to make your heart sing. (Find them online at #originalart, or right here.)

I sell my own original artwork directly from this web site, in pop-up galleries and at local venues. In addition, I select various items to have my artwork surface-printed on, and make those available here as well. Add something unique to your life, support a working artist.


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A quartet (4) of 3.5" square original paintings that evoke a mid-century modern aesthetic of layered, subdued colors and organic shapes. These “happened” and I can’t not see olives in them, so, “Martini” is the only title they could have, really. I think they would be charming hung together in a home bar environment. Framing—by me, for my own artwork—available for $10 each additional (add 1 week to shipping or delivery).

  • Series of 4 separate 3.5x3.5" paintings
  • Acrylic and mixed media on
  • Archival Fabriano Tiepolo Letterpress Paper
  • Date: July 2020
  • signed by the artist
  • satin UV varnish coating
  • ready to frame or mount
  • certificate of authenticity
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